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This page is my constantly changing gallery. 
You can view a range of my work here. Items for sale can be purchased directly  or via Paypal. If you are interested in a particular item,  and want more information 
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     I  am always happy to answer queries &
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                     INTRODUCING MY NEW  RANGE 

           grown on the land ~ felted by hand 

  These hand felted  pure  sheep wool rugs bring  you the many great  benefits of                                        sheep's fibre in a very natural way .

I source sheep fleeces from local  producers  as well as from the local Wool Board. At the moment all my 'Florries '  are created   from wool grown in The Highlands of Scotland.  So, many of these Rugs  ( or Throws,  as they are   sooo  versatile !!)   come to you  with  as  strong  a  local  identity  as you can imagine.
And remember  these rugs  are hand felted from living wool, so the comfort level  to both us & the sheep is higher ! 

  In order to help  you visualise these  sumptuous & wholesome rugs  there are    now 4  categories  available  for  you to choose from .  Without being hopelessly      romantic  about their  charm & natural beauty ,  each category is named  to help  capture  the colours, texture &   something of the landscape in which they are  grown . 

The rugs  come in a variety of size and  shapes and are intentionally not over brushed  to  help retain the individual character of each fleece .  They are  all  machine washable    on a wool cycle.


Currently sourced  from  3 very different sheep breeds, 
  Lincoln Longwool ,  
                 The Blackface  Mule ( Blackface x Blue Face Leicester) &  The Shetland .

           Lincoln Longwool ~   A premium fleece . Magnificently curly  with very                                                            strong &  lustrous locks  which  extends 30cms!

           Blackface Mule      ~    Softer & shorter  fibres than the  Longwool, a                                                                    delightful medley of  crimpy   softness &  wirier                                                                texture.
           Shetland                  ~   In a variety of colours  &  exceptionally  soft , fine                                                             crimp . This shorter fibre fleece  lends itself well to                                                         use  for babies.

                       EBONY GLOW


  Rich dark shades from Hebridean , Shetland   & Jacob crossed sheep

Hebridean ~ Soft  bouncy wool, sometimes with golden sunbleached tips  over                              almost black colouring.
Shetland    ~   The darker shades  of this  fine crimpy  fleece  will be found  here.

Jacob cross bred ~ Not  generally as dark as The Hebridean  , but equally                                                gorgeous &  very hardwearing.                                    

                             (  pronounced  nice )

   This describes the hardy Hill breeds in upland landscapes. These Florries are      currently made from Blackface &  Gotland & Hebridean  .

    Blackface ~  Longer & straighter fibres  , with remarkable  softness &                                               durability, glowing  with light  in whites &  hints of grey .
   Gotland    ~ A softer fleece than  Blackface or older  Hebridean.    In shades
                             of 'rocky' colours & a mix  of fibre length & crimp make this one                                  very versatile  .

    Hebridean  ~  Fleece from older Hebridean  sheep  tends to  go from rich                                           ebony browns to  Grey s & black . The fibres  coursen a little                                         too.  Hence they are  hard wearing , reflecting the hard 
                                   wearing nature& colours  of Scottish  mountainsides. 

     The Jacob Sheep  with it's distinctive piebald colouring & handsome  horns  is    the  predominant breed  within the Ginger & Spice range .

    Jacob    ~   Fantastic mix of warm, spicy   colours , soft, crimpy  & longer                                        fibres  . Always  popular & very practical .

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~~ ~  ~  ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~       

More Florrie   information        

These rugs are created from the annually clipped fleece , so they are 
   a living fibre , lanolin rich and hugely therapeutic, cosy & comforting .  Durable ,drape~able  and alot more versatile than  a traditional  sheepskin rug .   Use them on the floor , on furniture, in the car and even in your bed  ~ a very snuggly toe warmer on cold winter nights !
    ( You might even  have to share them with your   pets too  .....)
     And remember,wool is   not only a  breathable  fibre, great at keeping you                 warm and cool ,   it is  also   flame retardant,  water resistant  &  anti bacterial .    

  Sustainable,  durable,  adorable  and in need of an         identity of their own  ~  hence  'Florrie '........

     To be enjoyed  spread liberally aboot the hoose  !

The back of the rug is felted to reflect the upper surface.

I do not  put a backing on, as this can actually reduce the  life of the rug. It is also easier to clean  !  Florries are 100% pure wool.

                           All Florries are machine washable  on a 30 C wool cycle .

This is a  selection of some of the art work I have  produced  over  a number of years. 
Right now, I am afraid  none are available to purchase via the website.  But please  browse through this selection and enjoy . I am always ready to discuss  working to commission .    

Dawn Light    (detail)

 Beinn Alligin & the Lichens 

Waterfall, Blaven   Felt Textile by Sheila Bates
                                                        BLAVEN WATERFALL        @ 60 x 90 cm    Wall Hanging 


                                               BEN DAMH  IN WINTER             @ 60 x 90 cm                        sold

                                                  SGURR DUBH   TORRIDON         90 x 60 cm        
                                                         AVAILABLE   ON COMMISSION

                                                         SHIELDAIG SUNSET          60 x 90 cm     commission  


                                                              SHIELDAIG SUNSET       60 x 90 cm           commission 
                                                                      BEN DAMH IN AUTUMN                       60 x 90cm  

FELT BANNER            

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