Working with Nature - FELT TEXTILES by Sheila Bates
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    Felt Textiles
                                by Sheila Bates

Welcome to a fibre-olics page of Alchemy and Colour


I  have always  loved  the texture , UNIQUE  qualities and warmth of natural fibres , something inherited from my highland roots . I grew up  being taught to knit  and being surrounded by felted objects from the Middle East, which is where I also happened to  have been born . My creative  journey with  felt began with  a spinning wheel, long years ago and evolved with many days of discovery with natural dyes ; standing over multitudinous pots  with other knowledgeable  members
 of my family, waiting for the magic of the alchemy to deliver rainbows of colour. . Leaves, Berries & Flowering Plants , sustainably gathered from the hills , broom , heather, occasionally windblown lichens,  OR Plants  especially grown in our gardens for colour.  Along the way  I was smitten with the ancient  art of  felt making     .....    around 18 years ago using traditional wet felt methods  .  


                                                                                                                                            Dyed wool felting fibre        


         FELT  TEXTILES   and occasionally hand spun yarns  

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