Working with Nature - FASAIG CROFT
CROFT7 - Working with Nature


Raised Beds

Produce     Fruit, Vegtables, Herbs, Dye Plants and Cut  Flowers




  A mix of crops

An article illustrating what we do In Torridon.

  A raised bed of mixed produce   Croft7    companion    planting,  Purple Kale, Nero de Tosca kale, runner beans, broad beans,  dahlia flower (flower heads\ pollen for dye colour). 



 In 2010  Les  carried out some contract work as one of a number of Tutors  
   for   Grow North,
               a practical local food project managed by 
         Sheila Wickens  for  Transition Black Isle


  In 2013  Les co ordinated   a workshop/seminar    weekend for the   
  Community  Woodland Association in Torridon.   


   In the Summer 2013, 30 students and their tutors from the University of Western       Montana visited the Croft7  site in Fasaig. 
   The book Scottish Wild Harvests     to which Les contributed is a   course book for the students.


   We hope to maintain  Biodiversity and if possible extend its range on the croft.

   Croft7 is  a member of

Scottish Crofting Federation

Nourish Scotland

Highland Environmental Network

Reforesting  Scotland
Community Woodlands Association

Orchard Collective Scotland

Wester Ross Fisheries Trust

Scottish Wild Harvest Association.

Trees For Life

Bumblebee Conservation Trust

British Dragonfly Society   

Butterfly Conservation Scotland

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    some of the species found on the croft.  Photographs Les Bates

                                                                                                             Ladies Smock

               Bumb                                    Bumble Bee  approaching  Pulmonaria flower

                                               Male Orange Tip Butterfly on  Siberian Wallflower

                                             Bumblebee approach Clary Sage flowers in herb bed.

                                   Common Frog

                                  Golden Ringed Dragonfly

Hawker Dragonfly   DRAGONFLY  SCOTTISH HIGHLANDS LEAFLET   llink  please click to view

                       Common Blue



  Meadow Flowers at the Fasaig Croft


Common Toad



         Bumblebee:-  Bombus lapadarius on Bergamot Flower

       Forest Garden Fruits 

    Sambuscus        `Thunder Cloud`