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  `Harvest Your Own` 
 is situated in the beautiful coastal  crofting township of Inveralligin.   It is about an acre in size and forms part of the Crofters Field which is an area  of shared  croft land forming a central community space in the township.

               Vegetables, Herbs, Cut Flowers and Fruit  (especially strawberries) are grown by Croft7 on the site. 
                  A demonstration dye flower bed is planned for 2015  to  tie in with the work of  textile work of Sheila Bates, 

to add  interest for the many visitors to the area.

          Visitors are welcome to visit and harvest their fruit and veg,
`weigh , pay and take away` or simply have a look around the plot.




The croft land around 1968

 The plot today

Alligin   Pick Your Own       
   November 2014

     We have begun to prepare the plot for    the  2015 season.  Planning new beds and  planting up the perimeter fencing with  fruiting trees and shrubs  (Elders,  Amelanchiers, Cherry Plum,  Aronia,  Japonica Quince,  Japanese wineberry,  Logan berry,  Tayberry,  Thornless  Blackberry),   and an area of soft fruit  (Gooseberries, Redcurrants, Blackcurrants  and Blueberries).       
 A new strawberry bed, also new strawberry  varities      Alpine, red and  white.  
 Pineapple Strawbs (large white fruits with a  pineapple flavour).

 Raised Beds   are planned for Herbs, 
 Cut Flowers    (Sweet William, Dahlias  )

 A Scottish Dye Plant demonstration bed is also planned.
 Wildflower areas to encourage bees and other  beneficial insects.

ALLIGIN `Pick Your Own Plot`    crop layout planning

       Autumn 2017 new ground was ploughed and planted up extending the Harvest Your Own
  cropping area. 

Preparing The Plot

Initial ploughing for raised beds and new strawberry plot, Murdo with his trusty Fergie tractor
ploughing the east side of the plot then spreading the seaweed gathered earlier over the ploughed ground. Half of the ploughed ground covered with two metre wide phormisol to be oplanted through with new Strawberry runners..

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Murdo Ploughing `Pick Your Own Plot` Inveralligin Nov 2014
Preparing the Alligin Pick Your Own Plot f0r the 2015 season

Murdo Ploughing November 2014


 In November 2014 we contributed to the Orchard Gathering meeting at Victoria Halls, Dunblane and then at a follow up meeting in February 2015 in Edinburgh

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National Orchard Gathering
On Friday 9th November 2014, people came from across Scotland to the Dunblane Orchard Gathering in order to discuss their vision for the future of Scotland's orchards. About 100 people attended the ev...